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Welcome to RS2 Online..... the online resource and community for the MK1 Escort RS enthusiast, with particular emphasis on the MK1 Escort RS2000. Here you will find everything you want to know about the MK1 RS2000. Read about the history, specification and motorsport involvement of these fast Fords and the AVO factory where they were built. You can also view copies of original Ford brochures and we have a useful buyers guide section, including VIN plate identification.

1974 Avon Tour of Britain


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Original Sales Brochures & Owners Handbook Available

Original sales brochures & owners handbook available in PDF format, delivered straight to your desktop! Items will be emailed to you direct, normally within 24 hrs (you will need adobe reader to view).

Escort MK1 RS2000 Original UK Sales Brochure

8-Page colour brochure showing full specification & options. Features NOO920M & NOO921M

Escort RS2000 UK Sales Brochure

Price 2.50

Escort MK1 Mexico Original UK Sales Brochure

8-Page colour brochure showing full specification & options.

Escort Mexico UK Sales Brochure

Price 2.50

Mexico & RS2000 Owners Handbook Available

The original MK1 Escort Mexico & RS2000 Owners Handbook. This 36 page ebook covers both the Mexico and RS2000.

Mexico & RS2000 Owners Manual

Price 2.50





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