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Buyers Guide - RS Alloy Wheels

The first thing to note is that the four-spoke RS alloy wheels (shown below), were never fitted as standard to the MK1 RS2000 - so don't worry that your car isn't a genuine RS just because it hasn't got them. Instead, they were a popular optional extra but nowadays it seems that nearly every RS2 has them fitted! Understandably too, as they are very attractive.


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There are, however, different variations of this wheel and the alloys fitted to the MK1 RS2000, MK11 RS2000, Capri RS3100, Capri Laser and Fiesta Supersport are all slightly different.


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The original MK1 RS2000 alloy wheels, were 5 J X 13 inch....





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....and are identifiable by having the part number 'H71AB 1007 AC' or description '13x5-H2' cast into a spoke.




Its also worth mentioning that some wheels carry no markings whatsoever and that the correct colour scheme is dark grey with grey centre caps wearing the RS logo.


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