RS2 Online

VIN Plate Identification

The VIN plate is riveted on the bonnet slam panel. As well as helping to confirm if the car is a genuine RS2000, it can also establish the date of build, body colour and trim type, as illustrated in the example shown below.


B – Britain, A – Escort, T – 2 Door, N – Model Yr (1973), NE – 2000cc


L – RS2000

Vehicle No.

B – Britain, F – AVO, A – Escort, T – 2 Door, PJ – Build Date

See table below for other build date codes

Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec

1973                                                                    NA   NG     NC    NK    ND    NE

1974       PL     PY      PS       PT      PJ      PU    PM   PP     PB     PR    PA     PG

1975       RC





2 – Right Hand Drive


NE – 2000cc


5 – Manual


Z – 3.54:1 (Heavy Duty) Final Drive Ratio


E – Olympic Blue

B – Diamond White

T – Daytona Yellow

M – Modena Green

N – Sebring Red

E – Olympic Blue

3 – Stardust Sliver

A – Black

V – Vista Orange

Y – Special Order


A1 – Black Cloth