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MK1 RS2000 Estate

There is only one genuine factory built MK1 RS2000 in existence and this is a brief introduction as to how it came about!


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Originally, there were three prototype MK1 Mexico estates built at Ford's AVO factory (PGU 97K, YNO 14L and VEV 678L). They were all made in 1972 although, in 1974, one of them (VEV 678L) returned and was changed into an RS2000 estate. The cars bodyshells were strengthened in a similar way to their rallying relations and everything ahead of the doors matched the sporting specifications of the saloon cars on which they were based. The rear end, however, was constructed from the more ordinary estate panels although beneath the surface there was the proper Mexico/RS2000 running gear.


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VEV 678L - The Only Genuine RS2000 Estate


Unfortunately, the cars never went into full production. They reached the press evaluation stage but went no further as the project was shelved. This was probably due to rumours about the impending closure of the AVO factory although nobody seems to know for certain.


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The two remaining Escort Mexico estates have both survived and been restored and are pictured below.

Thanks to Dave Milburn for sending us these pictures of PGU 97K.


Escort Mexico Estate     Escort Mexico Estate

Escort Mexico Estate     Escort Mexico Estate


Here is YNO 14L photographed by us at AVO Club National Day 2012.


Escort Mexico Estate       Escort Mexico Estate

Escort Mexico Estate       Escort Mexico Estate

If anyone has any further information or more pictures of these cars that we could use, please contact us. Thanks.


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